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What is PROM?

PROM – The premature rupture of (fetal) membranes occurs when the amniotic fluid membranes rupture, allowing amniotic fluid to be passed into the vagina.


The leakage may be slight with only a small amount of amniotic fluid seeping into the vagina, or it may be more dramatic with a gush. Ruptured membranes are a significant hazard to the baby.


Intact membranes act as a barrier to the normal vaginal bacteria and microbial flora. With even a small rupture that defence is breached, and microbes can gain access to the baby, with resultant significant risk of infection. Ruptured membranes can also trigger premature labour, presenting a significant risk to the baby.


Amnicator® can assist in the detection of PROM when administered by a qualified Health Care Provider.

How does it work?

Visible results gives a quick reassurance to the mother & Health Care Provider.

A rapid and simple method for detecting ruptured amniotic membranes. Amnicator® is an individually wrapped sterile swab impregnated with a sensitive pH indicator, nitrazine yellow.


The principle of the test is that normal vaginal pH at term ranges between 4.5-6.0 and amniotic fluid is usually 7.0-7.5. By means of a simple pH colour change of nitrazine yellow, which has a sharp end point, (6.4-6.8), exactly in the desired pH range, the obstetrician can accurately detect the presence of amniotic fluid.


The swab will reliably distinguish neutral or slightly alkaline amniotic fluid from acidic cervical and vaginal mucus or urine.


Using a sterile speculum, an Amnicator® swab is introduced into the vagina and any fluid coming from the cervix or pooled in the posterior vaginal fornix is sampled. The swab is then simply withdrawn and examined for a colour change. Leakage of even a small amount of fluid is sufficient to change the nitrazine yellow indicator.


The Amnicator® test is far quicker and simpler to perform than resorting to the microscopic examination of escaping fluid, detecting the presence of protein, or using orally administered dyes to stain urine, to distinguish amniotic fluid from normal secretions and urine.


In a medical setting, lay the patient on their back, cleanse the vaginal opening and open, carefully, with a bi-valve speculum, to expose the cervix.


Remove Amnicator® swab from peel pouch. Take care not to touch the tip, or allow it to come into contact with other substances.


Pass an Amnicator® into the vagina and sample for 15 seconds any liquid present at the external cervical os or in the posterior fornix of the vagina.


Withdraw the Amnicator® and inspect the colour of the swab tip after 5 seconds, and compare the colour of the Amnicator® with the table.

Colour change chart indicator

Intact Membranes
pH 5.0 Yellow
pH 5.5 Yellow/Olive
pH 6.0 Olive/Green
Ruptured Membranes
pH 6.5 Black/Dark green
pH 7.0 Blue/Black
pH 7.5 Blue
Especially designed and manufactured for Obstetrics and gynaecology HCPs

Amnicator® – Amniotic Fluid Swab test

Features & Benefits

Also available in the United Kingdom through NHS Supply Chain:

Product Code HHH85188


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Amnicator® is a quick, cost effective & reliable tool for the detection of a premature rupture of (fetal) membrane.


The simple swab test gives a visible result in 30 seconds.


A colour change from yellow to blue (nitrazine indicator)  indicates the possible presence of amniotic fluid.


Each Amnicator® test is self contained – with the only additional equipment required being a speculum.


A rapid visible negative result can give reassurance to mother, while positive result indicates further investigation.


Amnicator® swabs are low cost, convenient to carry, and need no special storage.


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Independent Studies

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Reliable detection of ruptured membranes – E Sklovsky and A H MacLennan Br Med J 1976;2:1014

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Also available in the United Kingdom through NHS Supply Chain:

Product Code HHH85188

View Amnicator® on the NHS Supply Chain Website