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Interpretation of Amnicator™ colour change
Intact Membranes       Ruptured Membranes
pH 5.0 yellow   pH 6.5 blue-green
pH 5.5 yellow   pH 7.0 blue-green
pH 6.0 yellow   pH 7.5 blue-black

Amnicators™ - Method of use

  • 1. The procedure is best performed with the mother lying on her back.
  • 2. Cleanse the vulva and vagina introitus (vaginal opening)
  • 3. Carefully insert a bi-valve speculum (eg Cusco\'s speculum) into the vagina and open exposing the cervix.
  • 4. Remove Amnicator™ swab from peel pouch. Take care not to touch the tip, or allow it to come into contact with other substances.
  • 5. Pass an Amnicator™ into the vagina and sample for 15 seconds any liquor present at the external cervical os or in the posterior fornix of the vagina.
  • 6. Withdraw the Amnicator™ and inspect the colour of the swab tip after 5 seconds.
  • 7. Compare the colour of the Amnicator™ with the table.
N.B. Antibiotic therapy or presence of vaginal infection can alter the normal vaginal pH which may lead to false positive results.